Custom Jamma Harness
We are proud to offer a Top Quality Custom Jamma Wiring Harness for your Arcade Games.
These harnesses are all made by hand to your game cabinet layout and Control panel Needs.
Harness Comes with

Keyed / Covered Jamma Pinned Edge Connector

- Wires to Speaker with 1 or 2 Speakers Option

- Wires to CRT Monitor - You have the Option of running Jamma Comp Sync or if you are using a Jrok MW PCB you can use Separate H&V Sync. ( If you do not plan to use a Jrok this can be omitted)

- Wires to Switching Power supply with Fork Crimp Terminals on Ends for Easy Install

- Wires to Coin door with matching Coin Door Wiring Harness. ( This Also Includes Power Wires for Coin Door Lights)

- Wires to Control Panel - You can have any control panel configuration you wish from a Multi-Williams Control Panel to 2/3/4 Button Control Panels. - We can Also build these for Cocktail Games.

- We can Also make a swappable Control Panel Harness System so you can easily swap out the games Control Panel so you can play on Control Panels designed for specific games, for example Stargate, Sinistar, Joust, Robotron etc.

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