Williams Game Adapters
We make a few different versions of our Adapter Harnesses for Stock Williams Games.
(Defender/Stargate/Joust/Robotron/Blaster/Sinistar and Bubbles)

These Adapter Harnesses Adapt the Stock wiring over to a Jamma Wired Edge Connector.
This Allows you to run a modern Jamma PCB's like (Jrok MW PCB, 60n1 PCB etc) in your game without hacking any wires.

We make 2 versions of our Adapter Harness,
1) Dedicated Harness for a Specific Game = $80.00 USD

2) True MW Adapter with matching
MW Control Panel Harness = $105.00 USD

We also make custom harnesses with swappable control panel harnesses so you can play your game on a original configuration control panel.

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