Multi-Williams Adapter Harness

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We make a few different versions of our Adapter Harnesses for Stock Williams Games.  

(Defender/Stargate/Joust/Robotron/Blaster/Sinistar and Bubbles) 

These Adapter Harnesses Adapt the Stock wiring over to a Jamma Wired Edge Connector.  

This Allows you to run a modern Jamma PCB's like (Jrok MW PCB) in your game without hacking any wires.

This version is for the Multi-Williams Control Panel and includes all the wires to connect to all the buttons and joysticks and connects directly to the adapter harness.

We can also make swappable control panel harnesses so you can have different control panels for the various games and swap them out between games.

We make these for both Upright and Cocktail games.

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