Custom Full Cabinet Jamma Harness

Custom made Whole Cabinet Jamma Wiring Harness

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What Jamma PCB Do you Plan to Run?

We offer a Top Quality Hand Made Full Cabinet Wiring Harness for Jamma type PCB's.

These harnesses are made for each customer by hand with quality parts. 

Harnesses can be made for specific PCB's like the various Jrok PCB's which for the most part utilize PCB headers for additional support like H&V Sync, 49 Way Joystick, Spinners, Etc.

Our Harnesses replace your games Game side wiring (Not AC Side) with new wires helping reduce possible problem areas and replacing any plugs with new ones. The harness also comes complete with power wiring for both the coin door lights and if there are any Control Panel Lights or powered joysticks/trackballs. Being as most of the new Jamma boards do not require +12vdc you can utilize this portion of your switching power supply to power your lights by replacing the bulbs with 12v led ones.

To Make the harness fit for your personal needs, we will require a little info, along with some pictures to confirm some details. 

This information allows us to make your wiring harness as drop in and go as possible. 

#InfoDefault Length
1Power Wires to Switching Power Supply35" Inches
2Wires to Speaker60" Inches
3Wires to Monitor33" Inches
4Wires to Coin Door40" Inches
5Wires to Control Panel34" Inches

- Power Wires - These run to the Switching Power Supply and come with Fork Crimp Terminals to aid in your install onto the power supplies screw terminals. If you are running a different power supply please let me know. On some Harnesses like the ones dedicated to the Jrok PCB's the harness will come without some portions of the board power for example they do not use +12vdc or -5vdc. This does not affect the use of these type boards, just removes unneeded wires.

- Speakers - Please let me know if you have one or two speakers and if they are push on terminals or soldered on wires.

- Monitor - These come by default with a 4 pin molex connector for the Monitors Gun Colors and a seperate 2 pin plug for the H&V Sync making them pretty universal. 

- Coin Door - These wires run to a molex plug at the coin door and come with a matching coin door wiring harness with power wires for coin door lights. I will contact you for more information/pictures of the coin door being used including terminals I need to match up to. This allows as drop in of a harness as possible.

- Control Panel - The Control Panel portion of these harnesses can be configured for whatever needs you might have including having the option to swap out different control panels to play on more original configured control panels vs a multi game control panel. We can supply power for any joysticks/trackballs, include power wires for lights under the control panel etc. Message me with what you have in mind and we can make it happen. 

Harness order comes with 1 Control Panel, Additional Control Panels are $24 USD Each.

Example : Qbert CP

Please Email Us for More Info or to Place a Order

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